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Sake and cheese pairing


Join local sake sommelier Liloa Papa and Mychal Dourson, owner of the Paradise Gourmet Market, for five specially selected pairings of cold Japanese sake with exotic cheeses from around the world. For our travelogue, Tamara Golden will take us on a visual journey through highlights from Tokyo and Kyoto.

Liloa Papa was born and raised on the island of O’ahu in Hawaii. He completed the Sake Professional Course Level I in Tokyo. He is only the second non-Japanese to win a sake blind-tasting competition held in Tokyo. Liloa recently spent some time working in a Sake brewery in Japan to learn about the intricacies of the sakemaking process.

Mychal grew up vegetarian and his one love from the get-go was cheese. In his Market he prides himself on carrying unique, delicious cheeses from around the globe.

Tamara is a travel consultant and travel planner who assists individuals, families and institutions with their travel planning needs.

Sunday, June 26, 3 - 5pm
Gourmet Paradise Market, Carlsbad Village
Cost per person is $35

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