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Distill Your Teaching: Alchemy of Movement


Yoga Bound Carlsbad Village
2697 State St 92008 Carlsbad United States
This is the first 100-hour module of our 300-hour Yoga Alliance Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainining. This training has three 100-hour modules, each consisting of one weekend a month for 4 months. In this teacher training you will discover the science, art and magic of teaching yoga focussed on therpeutic benefits. We are offering the complete 300-Hour Training to be taken as a complete Yoga Alliance accredited 300-hour training, or as individual 100-hour modules.


Deepen your understanding of the body as the fluid container of the movement of life. You will detect the body's escape valves in the musculoskeletal system and perceive its solutions with these keys:

*Learn the science of biomechanics as the foundation for functional movement

*Discern the risks and rewards of lengthening, tractioning, loading joints & gaining gravity

*And what that all means, what it looks like and why it matters

*Understand common injuries and misalignments at all major joints

*Distinguish between structural and postural "situations" and find appropriate solutions

*Apply tools of assessment so that you truly know what and whom you are seeing

*Create short-and long-term wellness programs that people will enJOY doing

*Cultivate the art of teaching with specific language, adjustments and sequences that all send a clear, consistent message

*Practice the Wisdom of No Escape, as you awaken and guide your students into their unique alignment, engaging your unique skills!

October 7-9
November 11-13
December 9-11
January 13-15

Fridays 1p-9:30p
Saturdays 11:30a-9:30p
Sundays 11:30-6:30p

Price: $1600 per 100-hour module
Discounts: $200 2 months before start date
$3900 for entire 300-hr training paid in full 2 months
before start date
Additional: Required Reading books, Registration Fee for Yoga Alliance

Leslie is certified by Loyola Marymount University as a yoga therapist and she has designed yoga programs for a number of research studies. Her resume is serious; her teaching style is not! Knowledge is power and laughter is medicine. You will get a healthy dose of both in this training. Seriously. Fun.

Please email alana@yogaboundforlife.com, or visit www.yogaboundforlife.com for registration information