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Distill Your Teaching: Alchemy of Embodiment


Yoga Bound Carlsbad Village
2697 State St 92008 Carlsbad United States
This is the third 100-hour module of our 300-hour Yoga Alliance Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainining. This training has three 100-hour modules, each consisting of one weekend a month for 4 months. In this teacher training you will discover the science, art and magic of teaching yoga focussed on therpeutic benefits. We are offering the complete 300-Hour Training to be taken as a complete Yoga Alliance accredited 300-hour training, or as individual 100-hour modules.


Experience the depths of the 8-limbed path of yoga with its intention for transformation. Steep in the subtle-body teachings that evoke Self awareness. You will elevate your skills, though levitation is another training TBA.

*Learn the science behind the Relaxation Response and Meditative Mind how both bolster resilience and strengthen vagal tone

*Experience the magic of layering asana, pranayama, philosophy, mantra and meditation into classes

*Awaken your intuition and that of your students through the art of inquiry

*Demystify the energy body via the vayus, elements and chakras and realize it's all you

*Discover the power of pranayama and understand the physiological benefits (and how to avoid breakdowns)

*Apply the art of Restorative Yoga as a sweet form of deep, relaxing meditation that looks like half prop party and half slumber party

*Believe it's possibly to meditate with joy!

*Interpret the language of inner and outer sensations, instilling these keystones on the path to embodiment

*Feel your self transformed by subtle practices and unveil the gifts of who you are!

June 9-11
July 7-8
August 11-13
September 8-10

Fridays 1p-9:30p
Saturdays 11:30a-9:30p
Sundays 11:30-6:30p

Price: $1600 per 100-hour module
Discounts: $200 2 months before start date
$3900 for entire 300-hr training paid in full 2 months
before start date
Additional: Required Reading books, Registration Fee for Yoga Alliance

Leslie is certified by Loyola Marymount University as a yoga therapist and she has designed yoga programs for a number of research studies. Her resume is serious; her teaching style is not! Knowledge is power and laughter is medicine. You will get a healthy dose of both in this training. Seriously. Fun.

Please email alana@yogaboundforlife.com, or visit www.yogaboundforlife.com for registration information